Our Story

My name is Graham and I founded Brand New with the plan to build an environment that gives small brands a larger platform to be found. We love the people out there who expend their energy to create something beautiful, so we built our core values around honoring those people.

Core Values

  • Support small business

    • Overall our goal as a company is to provide a resource to consumers that will make the choice to shop with a small business opposed to a gigantic clothing company an easy choice to make. By providing a large selection of independently made clothing with constant updates will help bring repeat users that smaller brands struggle to generate.

  • Empower the voices of our partners

    • The creation of a brand is oftentimes made from a place of great passion or action. As a company we want to recognize the power in our brand partners, and further expand the voice they have on to our website.

  • Uplift the independent creators

    • Creativity is an important human characteristic, and as time passes we have seen mainstream fashion leave much of this creativity behind. Brand New wants to support the independent artists that continue to push their creativity into their work, and connect them to the right consumer that can appreciate it.